i almost fell for Jonghyun


14 March
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You can call me retarded, foolish, idiot whatsoever for liking SHINee like hell. And you know what? I DUN GIVE A DAMN. It's my life, and i'm pretty content with that. SO, FUCK OFF if you don't like it. should i make it more obvious, no?.

For those who have somethin in common with me, i'll welcome you with my wide-spread arms and let's have our moments together in beautifully beautiful SHINee World. NO SAME? the exit is on the upright corner, jackass!

oh, na na. what's my name again?
01.welcome, Lorem welcome to the home of my rants' house. lol. literally, indeed. i'll be glad to be friend or friended by you. And I mean you, are mostly amazing author of Jongkey fanfics. I love you all to the bit, jsyk. and, oh. being a lurker is my cup of tea so pls bear with my attitude, keke. I'll stop by and give comments, though, if i am in the mood ^^
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shinee, shinee and shinee.